About Us- Nice Skin Wholesale & Retail Korean Skincare

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Hello and welcome to our small family-owned business, Nice Skin :)

We call ourselves the husband, wife and toddler dream-team! Located in the Top End of Australia.

The idea of Nice Skin came about when my husband and I couldn't find skin care products that suited our Asian skin type (Chinese and Filipino). Yes you can purchase products readily online, but that is also part of the problem. Online marketing bombards you with gimmicky adverts, that make you feel like you need EVERYTHING! Soon enough we had a stock pile of products that didn't do what they were claimed to. We spent so much on the Australian cosmetics; natural, organic, branded- you name it we bought it!

At Nice Skin we only sell what we have used and tested. It's that simple, and what we have found is that Korean skincare works best for both our very different skin types.

We want to share our secret finds with other Australians who find that they cannot find the right skincare, Asian or not, we want to help you!


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